Spotlight: Jenny Hawkinson

In a city like Vancouver, the media spotlight on the Downtown East Side is usually met with unsavory subjects, such as homelessness or drug use.

One person who is a resident and also works in the community, is trying to change all that.

Jenny Hawkinson is an artist that has been in this small art studio space, located in the Downtown East Side for about seven years now.

Her artwork displays a variety of skills that range from using textiles, collages and also carvings.

Hawkinson recalls one moment after finishing her Bachelor’s degree where she met a local artist in the city, hoping to ask for wise advice for about starting her career.

She was surprised when he asked her a very blunt question.

“He’s like ‘do you need to create artwork to live? Is it something that gives you life?'” Hawkinson said. “I was like yeah, I would die if I was an artist.”

She is also a member of an artist group known as the Open Book Art Collective (OBAC), their artwork is interpreted through art dialogue used from literary novels.

For more info on Jenny and OBAC, check out the video


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