New Langara College students get a taste of college life with Welcome Week

Summer is officially over and Langara College made a splash during Sept. 6 to 9 with Welcome Week, for those heading back to school.

A large line up was formed at the school bookstore, first-year students were trying to figure out where their classes are located and promotional booths occupy the main hubs of Langara for the week.

Welcome Week is an organized event promoted by the college to help students familiarize themselves with the school’s campus.

A diagram outside the Langara Counselling Department‘s office by room B111. The Counselling program helps students on both academic and personal levels.

There were various promotional booths such as free cotton candies or cakes, coporate sponsors like EVO getting students to sign up for their car services to activities like doughnut sumo or bubble soccer .

One of the booths at Langara included the school’s Counselling program.

Langara counsellor Paula Obedkoff said that when first week rolls out, the program will see all sorts of students seeking help at the Counsellor’s office.

Obedkoff explained why first time students should not hesitate to seek their guidance:

“Well you know we do personal counselling as well as academic advising,” Obedkoff said. “It’s really just whatever students need, we’re pretty much able support them through it or refer them to another department if that’s what they need.”

Many first year students were initially nervous about discussing their first week at the school but Jonathan Lovely explained why he decided to do his first year prerequisites for Engineering at Langara.

“[There are] supportive staff and small class sizes as well. It’s cheaper and really high quality studying services,” Lovely said. “They have a lot of things that support students.”

Kotone Oshimi, is a returning second year student in the Langara Accounting program from Japan.

Returning students were more familiar with their surroundings.

Kotone Oshimi is a Japanese second-year Langara student in Accounting and despite the fact she’s not a fluent English speaker, there were plenty of people making her comfortable studying at the college.

“I’m from Japan and I’m not good at English but I studied hard,” Oshimi said.

“I went to [English language assistance programs] and they helped me in the second year.”


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