Why Vancouver should still keep historic character homes

A Vancouver character home is in danger of being demolished and more than 5,000 people have signed an online petition to stop it.

The property is classed as an English Tudor-style home built in 1922. It’s located at 1550 West 29th Ave within the neighbourhood of Shaughnessy.

It is listed on the market for approximately $7.4 million.

Caroline Adderson, author of the book, Vancouver Vanishes, which deals with the subject of heritage homes, said the petition was created in 2014 and suddenly gained recognition again. She did not explain why.

“With this house, I just started through my Facebook page a letter-writing campaign in conjunction with Heritage Vancouver Society.” Adderson said.

Patrick Gunn from the Heritage Vancouver Society said there are two reasons for the home’s significance: 1) the architects who designed the home and 2) what the house was known for.

“It’s a house that’s designed by a top architect duo called Townley and Matheson. And they were one of the top architect duos in the city from about 1919 to the 1960s.” Gunn said. “Not only it’s a design by an architect, it was built as a show home to show electric use in the domestic environment.”

Jason Watson, communications manager for the City of Vancouver said via email, no development or demolition permits have been issued for this property and further review is underway by City staff.

The home is not a heritage house and it is not listed in the Vancouver Heritage Register.

Michelle Harrison, a resident within the area said she didn’t think they were allowed to demolish a home with such significance.

“I grew up in this neighbourhood for over 30 years now and yeah there’s a lot of history. These homes were some of our first homes in Vancouver and some people don’t seem to respect that,” Harrison said.


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