Opinion piece: Why all holidays should be celebrated

Whenever I hear there’s a holiday, I usually just welcome the news as sign to relax and take a breather.

Statutory holidays like Christmas break and Easter long weekend are no exception.

The only thing is both Christmas Day and Good Friday are known as major Christian holidays.

Christmas Day happens to be the period when Jesus Christ was born, where as Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death of Christ.

It makes it interesting for me because my entire family is Buddhist and I consider myself agnostic.

We still celebrate the commercial aspects of Christmas and Easter though.

The festivities of hanging ornaments on our Christmas tree and binging on chocolate during the Easter weekend are some of the things I personally like.

The great thing about these statutory holidays is taking the time off and it doesn’t have to necessarily correlate with doing everything rooted to those days either.

On the other hand, I’ve always wondered why those two specific days are emphasizing the Christian events during the holidays.

There are many other holidays from other religions such Vesak Day, a Buddhist holiday and of course Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday that lasts for eight days.

These holidays aren’t treated as major statutory holidays like Christmas and Easter because we go by the Christian calendar.

Just because they are recognized as secular holidays on the Christian calendar doesn’t mean they aren’t celebrated.

I like to think of the holidays as the more the merrier, whether they are religious based or not.


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