Preview of the Vancouver Pegan Pride fundraising event


VANCOUVER B.C.: March 18, 2016 — A crafted bench with intricate carving details of fairies at Banyen Books & Sound on Wednesday, March 9. Photo by LINDA NGUYEN

Vancouver Pagan Pride is holding a fundraiser for their main event in September.

The funds will help buy new tents for future events and bring in profits for the vendors, who were affected.

It will take place on March 19 at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver on Oak Street and East 49th Ave.

The 2015 event was held on an extremely windy day, causing trees to topple on exhibitors’ tents. No one was injured, but vendors’ merchandise was destroyed.

The definition of Paganism varies depending on whom in the Pagan community you ask, according to ED Johnston, Vancouver Pagan Pride’s event coordinator.

“A Pagan is someone who follows an Earth-based, spiritual path. People consider it a religion, some people do not,” Johnston said.

The fundraiser will consist of numerous activities such as a Tarot workshop, a musician playing Celtic music and a community circle ritual.

Dr. Lesley Phillips, a vendor who specializes in aura readings, will participate at this year’s fundraiser.

She remembers her decision to not attend the cancelled event at the last minute.

“Well actually I had a very strong, intuitive feeling not to go to the event on the morning when I woke up.” Phillips said. “That was validated when they had all the problems that they have had with the trees coming down and everything.”

The Unitarian Church of Vancouver’s Rev. Steven Epperson said even though the Unitarians are not affiliated­­ with the Pagans, the church welcomes the Pagan Pride event because their values are similar.

“There are members of my congregation who are deeply informed by Earth-based spirituality and who identify themselves as Pagans. As Unitarian Pagans.” Epperson said.

The word of mouth about the Pagan Pride event has grown since Johnston took over.

“When I [searched for] Vancouver Pagan Pride, we were on like the third page of Google.” Johnston said.


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