Langara Falcons rookie Ravi Basra a standout on and off the basketball court


One rookie player to watch on the men’s basketball team is point guard Ravi Basra.

Basra played 20 games this season, ranking first in assists with an average of 6.30 points per game. He ranks sixth in the PACWEST’s overall scoring with 322 points.

When asked about the differences of playing at the college level compared to high school, Basra gave a humbling answer.

“I’d say my ball hasn’t gotten a lot better because in college, they use a different basketball [system]. So I was a little thrown off by it but I’m getting the hang of it now.”

Basra got into the sport through his brother Harry, who was one of his role models and inspirations.

“I started when I was five years old. My brother introduced it to me. So ever since, I haven’t stopped.” Basra said.

The Falcons current roster brought in 12 rookies this year, nine of whom were just in high school about a year ago.


The head coach, Paul Eberhardt said when he scouted Basra from Windermere Secondary School, he knew he would need to recruit the teenage player.

“When I watched him play in high school, I just really liked his game and I knew he was a kid I [needed] to recruit. We play a very fast break style, really quick style.” Eberhardt said.

When asked about the environment around with his teammates and coaching staff was like, Basra said he enjoys the camaraderie.

“I think there’s just no tension or anything. Everyone just likes being around each other. We always go out to eat after practice and stuff like that. We’re friends, we’re all friends.”

As for the team, they secured a playoff spot, ranking third with 13-7 this season. They will face Camosun College in the first round of playoffs at Capilano University, on March 3.


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